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Joel M. Furman

Criminal Defense Attorney
Attorney Profile - Law Offices of Joel Furman
Attorney Profile - Law Offices of Joel Furman

Joel M. Furman focuses on criminal defense law, and select civil litigation matters, in Orange, Los Angeles, and surrounding counties.

After attending law school at UC Berkeley, where he gained experience in the prestigious Death Penalty Clinic, Joel worked as an attorney in the Orange County Public Defender’s office for more than six years.

In court almost every day, Joel represented thousands of individuals and gained significant trial experience. He developed a reputation for presenting creative defenses and getting Not Guilty verdicts.

Joel’s breadth of experience, along with his unique approach to cases, earned him an invitation to teach Criminal Law at one of Southern California’s top law schools, USC.

Born and raised in Newport Beach, CA, Furman has retained his connections and a feel for the local community, including judges, prosecutors, and the citizens who will be the jurors for you or your loved one if we go to trial. Having an understanding and deep familiarity with the way these people think and what they care about is critical to achieving an optimal outcome in every particular case.

Thousand Cases Won
Years of Experience
Years Teaching
Attorney Profile - Law Offices of Joel Furman

Working closely with Jack Earley, one of the most experienced and respected criminal defense attorneys in the country, Joel employs a holistic approach to cases. He is unafraid of and often successful at going to trial; simultaneously, this reputation is also very helpful at assisting his clients to get the most lenient plea offers possible.

Furman received his undergraduate degree at UC Santa Barbara, is a member of CACJ, CPDA, NPAP, and in his free time an avid surfer.

Joel’s clients get all the benefits of an aggressive, experienced trial attorney, along with the friendly touch and effective negotiating skills of someone who doesn’t forget his job is to serve his clients.


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