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Common client questions
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Why should I hire Joel Furman as opposed to hundreds of other attorneys?

The Law Offices is well-positioned, with significant local experience, connections, and a creative approach to resolving cases. Joel is known for his trial success, making prosecutors- who Joel has years of experience working with and also going to trial against- more likely to want to resolve a case for favorable terms, should that be a client’s desire. There are, of course, many good attorneys. It’s critical that a client feels comfortable talking with their lawyer, and confident in the lawyer’s ability to represent them.

It’s not a bad idea to contact several potential lawyers, like one might contact potential surgeons. In every particular situation, there are some practical and technical limitations- the facts that law enforcement has gathered, the court’s process, etc.- but a huge amount of room for different practitioners to achieve different results. When someone’s liberty and good name are potentially at stake, like when facing a medical condition, it can make all the difference to hire the right expert to assist you.

I’m worried that my recent arrest or charge is going to affect another area of my life, like child custody. Or licensing to do a particular job. Or immigration status. What’s the best way forward with this in mind?

No! Wrong, unfortunately. Be cooperative, but tell any law enforcement agent, respectfully but firmly, that you want to have your attorney present at the time you talk with them.
Although your position may be that you haven’t done anything wrong and so have nothing to hide, it is, unfortunately, common for someone’s words to be twisted, against them. Unfairly. To prevent this from happening, have a lawyer with you- and consult with him or her first- prior to speaking with any police agency. You’ll always have an opportunity to share your side of what happened at a later date, either to the police agency or in court.

What’s the first thing I should do if I’m arrested for or charged with a crime?

Respectfully refuse to talk with the police, and contact a lawyer immediately.
If any police officer or law enforcement agency makes contact with you, whether it’s just an affirmative contact or it’s an arrest, consult with a trusted lawyer as soon as possible. It is sometimes possible to prevent a criminal charge from being filed in the first place, and there are many other practical advantages that come with having good legal counsel on your side from the beginning. Certain charges- like DUIs- also have strict and quick deadlines for mounting a full defense, so it’s imperative to get good counsel on your side as soon as you can.

I’m worried that my recent arrest or charge is going to affect another area of my life, like child custody. Or licensing to do a particular job. Or immigration status. What’s the best way forward with this in mind?

It’s smart to recognize, however unpleasant it may be, that what happens with a criminal case may have more serious consequences on another area of your life. There are many particular charges that trigger specific consequences. Often, especially with cases involving a first-time defendant or someone without a significant record, the consequences may be much more severe in this other area than the official sentence. It’s critical to flag whatever “external”
issues you can conceive of, and discuss them with a trusted attorney. There are often many things an attorney can do, either in or out of criminal court, to minimize or eliminate them.

I have a unique situation, and don’t think I was treated fairly. I want to see what options for legal recourse I have, and what the civil and criminal consequences may be. There are so many different things I’m thinking about, and I want justice; what can I do?

Every situation is different, and the Law Offices believes every wrong has a legal remedy. A creative, experienced attorney can combine general best practices with an understanding of your particular legal challenge, to put together and make-happen solutions that you may or may not have thought about. Experienced in both criminal and civil court, in trial and in negotiations, Joel excels at creative legal problem-solving; schedule a free consultation now to discuss what options may be available for you or a loved one today.


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