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Mental Health - Law Offices of Joel Furman

Many cases involve mental health-related issues, and because nearly all crimes require a physical act combined with the defendant’s culpable state of mind at the time of the act, individuals suffering from such an illness often have an affirmative legal defense.

Additionally, in many situations where mental illness is present, alternative resolution programs can provide therapy and treatment while also significantly minimizing exposure to the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, it’s common for mental disorders to be left unexplored during a criminal investigation and consequently possible defenses and alternative sentencing options are often overlooked.

Our firm has versatile experience representing persons with or without psychiatric diagnoses, substance abuse victims, and other clients with elevated risks. Joel M. Furman has unique and specialized experience after serving in Orange County Public Defender’s Mental Health Unit.

He has successfully represented hundreds of individuals suffering from severe mental illness, including significant experience both collaborating with and cross-examining psychiatrists, psychologists, and other medical experts.

If you know anyone with a serious mental illness facing criminal charges or in a situation where we might be able to help, call us at 949-476-8900.