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Post-Conviction Assistance

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Post-Conviction Assistance - Law Offices of Joel Furman

During Probation

If you or a loved one are on probation for a past conviction, we can also help. We can facilitate the transfer of probation from one county to another, petition the court to modify the probation terms, and most excitingly, get probation terminated early. If you were a defendant and sentenced to probation, there are a number of ways we can advocate to improve your restrictions and life circumstances. Call us today at 949-476-8900 to discuss your situation with a lawyer and see if we can help to terminate probation early.

After Probation

Just because you have criminal convictions on your record, it doesn’t mean you cannot better your situation. At the Law Offices of Joel M. Furman, our lawyers can determine if you can file an appeal, challenge the convictions on your behalf and provide top-notch legal services. Whether it is a felony or misdemeanor sentence, if you have been found guilty, we can help to clear your criminal record. Additionally, if the deadlines to file an appeal have expired, our firm and our legal specialization can assist with conditions of supervision and release, among others. Because the time frames to pursue this type of relief are strict, it’s critical to call 949-476-8900 as soon as possible to discuss how we can help.