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Southern California Violent Crime Attorney
VIOLENT CRIMES - Law Offices of Joel Furman

We have found that some of the most unfair and trumped up charges brought against individuals are violent crimes. Let’s be real: When someone gets hurt, or even when there is a 911 call suggestive of that, the police and prosecution are incentivized to hold someone accountable. Just because you’re arrested and charged with a crime doesn’t mean you’ve actually committed it, of course. Everyone has the right to defend themselves, and their friends and family as well, with some limitations. We are experienced at approaching cases with an eye toward developing these defenses.

The emotional nature of such charges and the unpredictability of our justice system, combined with overzealous prosecutors, creates a perfect storm with the potential for disastrous consequences. These include arrest, loss of liberty, a violent crimes conviction and prison time.
When there is a “domestic” aspect to the case—it is alleged the defendant and the alleged victim were in a romantic relationship, for example—these bias’ are often at their worst.

An alarming factor to consider is that when a case resolves without a trial, proof of guilt doesn’t need to be presented or necessarily even examined. Also, because many charges are “wobblers”- they can be charged or resolved as either misdemeanors or felonies- there is significant discretion in how a particular factual circumstance is dealt with. Those are just two of the many reasons it’s critical to have an attorney who knows what to look for and how to communicate your story effectively.

Our violent crime defense lawyer has vast experience winning at trial, as well as analyzing and developing evidence in a manner that encourages prosecutors to drop or minimize their allegations.