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Domestic Matters

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Domestic Matters - Law Offices of Joel Furman

When there is a “domestic” aspect to a criminal case—a romantic or familial relationship between parties, for example- the emotional nature of these incidents often leads to false or exaggerated claims. Those claims can then lead to unfair and inappropriate charges.

Under California law, there are enhanced penalties for domestic cases, as well as unique opportunities for defense litigation. There are often additional aspects to these cases as well, including restraining orders, family law and child custody issues.

Let our committed team of lawyers do a complex analysis of your domestic violence case and figure out the best approach to resolve your situation, taking this all into consideration. We sometimes partner with family law attorneys to holistically help our clients in this area.

When you are facing domestic violence crime allegations, you need an attorney who is empathetic, understands the involved legal and “human” issues, and can provide an aggressive defense.